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  • Hereford Road

    This client is a 27 yo single female, who has lives between Surrey, Norway as well as London. She is working professional who’s hobbies include yoga and investing in businesses.

    What was the starting point for the project?

    The client purchased the property unhappy with its interiors. It came as a modern flat with plain white walls and bland furniture choices. She wanted to create a cosier environment and have furniture pieces that would reflect her mood and personality. Being her principal London residence, she wanted it to be her own space where she could unwind and relax when she is in town.

    What is the predominant style of the project?

    I would say it is a contemporary style that is eclectic and exciting. We envisaged a look that was between east and west, mixing her love of Bali and natural wood textures with a contemporary London rock and roll vibe.


    What are the central elements?

    The hallway has been brought to life through an injection of colour with the electric blue feature wall. Bringing together the themes from Bali, as well as the rock and roll London look the hallway was a nice way to introduce these ideas before entering each of the rooms. Notably the beautifully carved wooden Bali loveseat sits nicely against the feature wall, as well as the Jimmie Martin Shakespeare bust that sits adoringly in the same room.

    Main brands used:
    Jimmie Martin Shakespeare bust

    Living room and kitchen

    How was the environment planned?

    The modern open kitchen and living space can so easily be lost in each other, so we wanted to separate the space up through the interior design. We were able to reuse the existing kitchen cabinets and had them spray painted the same grey as the colour as the walls so as to not make them a feature. We added some geometric patterned wall tiles in the kitchen to give a nice contemporary look. There is a lot of light from the big windows so in order to tone this down and make it a bit cosier we added a large theatrical curtain giving the space an unexpected dramatic moment. To make the living more inviting we extended the seating area as much as possible by doubling up on sofas to make space inviting when accommodating friends for a drink or two before going out.

    How was the kitchen planned?

    Keeping the kitchen cabinets and matching them to the colour of the walls, we made sure to incorporate an edgy vibe by incorporating a round concrete dining table with Bali inspired wooden chairs.

    Main brands used:
    Andrew Martin – lights, sofa
    Jimmie Martin

    Master Bedroom:

    What are the main customer requests for the suite? What was the concept and what is the inspiration for the environment?

    We wanted to create a sanctuary for the client; a place to chill out, get away from the hectic city lifestyle and even do some yoga in. The bed was chosen as a statement piece inspired by her love of Bali, and with the combination of the Persian rug we wanted to create some warmth in the room. This Balinese/North African theme is further enhanced with the oversized indoor plants, and is mixed with our signature Jimmie Martin love hurts chair in the corner to create a cosy rock and roll blend in the bedroom. The metal bedside tables are from Eicholz.

    Materials used for coatings?
    Grey walls Grey curtains black bed


    Main brands used:
    Jimmie Martin
    Andrew Martin



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