Welcome to The Art Of Design
  • Foxwood makes quirky furniture & children’s toys: each item is unique… not churned out by machines in their thousands, but hand-built by a bloke in a shed.

    We don’t see the point of sawing down a tree, making it into a box or whatever, and then throwing it away afterwards.

    We can do better than that. Naturally-aged, salvaged & reclaimed wood has a beauty all of its own with flaws & variations a-plenty, adding character and lustre, embellishing every item with its own story.

    Foxwood creates outdoor and indoor furniture, occasionally from selected new wood, but mainly from reclaimed and salvaged wood, some with timber from a 300yr-old barn! We frequently accept commissions for bespoke pieces.

    Whether it’s a characterful piece for your garden or terrace, or a fun item for children and grandchildren, each will be unique. We would be pleased to create and prepare something beautiful for you.


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