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  • Eco Angus – Simple Solutions For Greener Heating

    Eco Angus offer a range of wood burning boilers to provide central heating and domestic hot water. These boilers are ideal for retrofits or new builds, usually positioned in an outbuilding and linked with the existing heating system.

    Grants are available on the boilers under the Renewable Heat Incentive (both domestic and non-domestic) with typical payback of the cost of installation in approximately 5 years.

    Family Finds Warm, Eco-friendly Alternative to Heat Home & Business
    Richard and Tracy’s family live in a five-bedroom house with an office above their garage. The house is exposed, single glazed with solid walls. Gas isn’t available so oil was used for heating, hot water and cooking which was expensive.

    They double glazed the windows, swapped the aga for an electric cooker, installed solar thermal to heat water and installed a wood-burning stove. However, the buildings were still difficult and expensive to heat.

    It was important that it would be eco-friendly and cost effective so, after research, they chose an Angus Orligno 200 40kW log boiler.

    They were impressed with the simplicity of the Eco Angus boilers making them more straight forward, cheaper and easier to maintain than others.

    The system was installed three years ago and the couple receive non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. They say ‘The boiler is very efficient, there’s plenty of hot water and the house is now nice and warm. It has definitely been value for money especially with the RHI payments’.

    The total cost, including the installation, was £15,000. Their annual fuel cost has halved and they receive an average of £1,848 in RHI payments for the 21,000 kW hours used annually.

    Their Eco Angus boiler will have paid for itself within just over five years, still receiving RHI payments for the 20 year term. If they used their full allowance of kW hours the time taken to pay for itself would be just under three years.

    In conclusion the eco-friendly Eco Angus wood burning boiler is an effective way to produce hot water and heat, means value for money and saves money in the long term. It is straightforward and uncomplicated meaning the system is unlikely to breakdown and gives flexibility in obtaining the fuel from different sources.

    New Eco Angus Pellet Boiler
    Eco Angus have just extended their product line with a new range of wood pellet boilers. The new Angus Orligno 400 pellet boiler, available in two outputs; 16kW and 30kW, provides all central heating and domestic hot water requirements and can heat a well-insulated property up to 300 meters square (typically up to five bedrooms). It can be incorporated directly into any heating system, is ideal to fit retrospectively to properties and it is possible to incorporate it with a fossil fuel back up or with alternative forms of renewable heating.

    The boiler burns the pellets automatically with minimal ash output. Pellets can be delivered in bags and fed into the hopper which feeds the boiler. The gross heat efficiency is up to 91.8%. Having this boiler installed significantly lowers the carbon footprint of a property and it also comes with a five year warranty on boiler tightness.

    It qualifies for both the Domestic and Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) grant. In both instances the capital investment for the boiler installation can pay for itself in just a few years.

    These boilers are fully automated and come with a 450 litre external hopper. Due to the generous sizing this enables a long burn time without the necessity to reload the hopper on regular intervals.

    This boiler is now in stock and ready for delivery.

    For more information about any of Eco Angus boilers see the website www.ecoangus.co.uk call Nick or Guy on 01934 862642 or email info@ecoangus.co.uk.

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