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    RhubarbLondon are a boutique manufacturer of fine eclectic furniture, combining antique fabrics with vintage chair designs to create bespoke pieces. Whether displayed as a piece of visual artwork or a functional centrepiece that encourages interaction, these statement designs spark conversation at every opportunity, with the distinctive upholstery and playful narrative setting the scene in many a quirky residence.

    Every item is handcrafted in Britain. Each individual aspect of every chair embodies a slice of history, blending the rare fabrics with exquisitely applied upholstery techniques to create something truly timeless.


    Meet the Maker

    RhubarbLondon’s Founder and Head Creative, Shaun Brownell, scours vintage archives to source the most authentic fabrics and textiles. A dedicated up-cycler, Shaun’s approach is repair, restore and recreate rather than replace. His ethos is to think behind and beyond the obvious, resulting in unique designs that reveal a piece of history alongside a captivating narrative.


    The brand’s team of expert tailors, seamstresses and leather workers ensure that when you purchase a RhubarbLondon chair, you can be certain that you’re acquiring a one-off piece of furniture.




    Bespoke Commissions

    RhubarbLondon offer a bespoke service, and will work with you to transform your vision into a commemorative piece of art. Whether an original military uniform, a hunting jacket, tweed overcoat or riding silks – RhubarbLondon can create a statement piece of furniture to get

    All of RhubarbLondon’s furniture is handcrafted in the UK. Every item produced is entirely unique – no chair is ever reproduced chair.

    Sit in style…



    The Hussars

    The Hussars chair captures a narrative from the battles of WW1, featuring an elaborate and authentic officer’s uniform from the 11th Hussars British Regiment. Shaun sourced the vintage Cavalry Regiment tunic and adapted it to create the chair’s truly unique upholstery. Showcasing the distinctive trademarks of the vintage Hussars uniform, the chair is adorned with the original regalia including globe buttons, golden yellow appliqué and frogging detail, complemented with a statement faux leopard skin seat; a true representation of the Hussars’ traditional saddle cloth.





    The Hamilton

    In celebration of Hamilton the Musical, this quirky, commemorative piece features an eclectic mix of royal purple and ivory velvet, tailored to portray the historical uniform sported by statesman and one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, Alexander Hamilton.









    The Officer’s Mess

    The Officer’s Mess Chair started life as an original vintage Army Mess Dress, traditionally worn by British Army officers and senior non-commissioned officers to formal evening events. Completing the chair’s look, a compulsory black dickie bow tie is adorned to the neckpiece, creating a characterful finishing touch.






    The Country Tweed

    An original vintage fur collared 1950’s Dunn & Co Crombie overcoat fitted to a late Victorian scroll back mahogany library armchair forms the Country Tweed Armchair.  The frame has been fully stripped and refurbished using both traditional methods and materials such as French polish and beeswax.







    The First Lady

    A unique late Victorian mahogany framed chair traditionally restored and reupholstered in the fashion of a 1950’s peach wiggle dress with matching jacket in the style of the late Jackie Onassis. Accessorised with a pearl necklace, matching brooch and pill box hat.










    The Windsor Castle

    A vintage Irish Guard scarlet tunic expertly tailored to fit the Victorian scroll back armchair. Beautiful detailing is seen in the authentic buttons, solid brass buckle and regalia, with the crowning glory of the longhaired black Icelandic sheepskin detail, hand-stitched onto the sides for a characterful and playful touch.








    The Barrister Wing Chair

    A Victorian fireside wing chair with a twist… Encased ‘time capsules’ on both sides of chair showcase original antique hand written legal notes circa 1850’s with a selection of hand wax sealed legal document rolls tied with pink legal ribbon.



    RhubarbLondon’s central London showroom is open every Tuesday and Thursday (10am – 6pm). To discuss a bespoke commission or to arrange an appointment outside opening hours please contact:


    0207 262 0749

    For more inspiration and news please visit us online:





    RhubarbLondon LLP, 187a Gloucester Place, London NW1 6BU





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