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    Premium Home Lift brand Lifton offers homeowners an easier way of travelling from floor to floor in the home with its luxurious and stylish domestic lift. High-tech and prestigious, the Lifton Home Lift is a lifestyle product aimed at users who are looking to enhance their home environment at the touch of a button.

    The blueprint for this lift is way ahead of its time. Its self-supporting design means it has no need for noisy hydraulics and does not sit in a lift shaft or pit or even require load bearing walls. There is no major building work either as the Lifton Home Lift just requires a small ceiling opening and then slots right in.

    The concept is simple. It will fit almost anywhere within the home, which means it works around you. And, with a tiny footprint of less than one square metre, the Lifton Home Lift is compact and blends with any room or décor and allows the end user to maximise their valuable floor space.

    The lift naturally excels from a technical standpoint, but its discerning design completes the package. The minimalist look and feel is easy on the eye. Styled and engineered in Germany, it has curved lines and a soft, warm grey aluminium finish with a matching glazed lift car. It features soothing blue LED lights at the top and bottom of the car for ease of use at night.

    When the lift is stationery upstairs it virtually ‘disappears’ leaving only two slim discreet rails which span ground floor to first floor ceiling. When the Lifton Home Lift is located downstairs, a small section of upper level flooring, fixed to the lid of the lift, ensures that any flooring upstairs flows as normal.

    The lift travels between floors in under 30 seconds and is very quiet when in motion. It uses a standard domestic power socket and two small remote controls are included with the lift to call it at any time, from either floor.

    Light years away from unsightly stairlifts and bulky square domestic lifts, the Lifton Home Lift give homeowners the chance to fully enjoy their beautiful home without having to downsize to a bungalow or perhaps build a downstairs extension when stairs become prohibitive. It is the ultimate upgrade for any home and can add value to your property.

    The added advantage of the Lifton Home Lift is not just its graceful design but it is also the easiest domestic lift to install in the marketplace, typically taking just one day to fit.

    One Lifton customer, Tony Hamilton from Oxfordshire, said: “Our architects were astonished at the engineering absence of hydraulics and the simple installation process. The lift is a definite feature, and we find friends are fascinated with its elegant simplicity, and all want a ride in it!”.

    For more information about Lifton visit www.lifton.co.uk, email info@lifton.co.uk or contact 0808 250 4739.

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