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    Design how a room feels not just how it looks!

    We all know that the natural heat of a warm spring day is much more pleasing and comfortable than the artificial heat from radiators. Your Choice Radiant heaters emulate the sun, thereby creating that warm spring day feeling all winter long.

    By printing a picture or design on a heater panel it can become a feature of the rooms design rather than something to be accommodated or tolerated, match it to the wall and it becomes barely noticeable whilst leaving all the floor space available for use without restriction.

    Looking to put a mirror in the room? Then use one of our mirror heater range and solve two problems with a single stroke.

    Your Choice glass radiant panels make an excellent room feature, available in a range of four colours, black, white, red or green these panels really turn up the heat both in terms of style and temperature.

    For those who would rather hide the heating altogether then ask about our radiant underfloor heating. Due to its natural form of heat this heating mat can also be built into walls, ideal for those locations where invisible is the key word and underfloor is impractical.

    With their wide range of radiant heater panels Your Choice have a stylish heating solution for just about every location and taste.

    Your Choice Radiant Heaters are at their best when placed at picture rail height or even on the ceiling eradicating the need to reserve a wall or two for       conventional radiators.

    For further information email techsupport@your-choice.uk.com

    Or call:

    0800 169 4822

    to speak to one of our team of experts.


    Optionally control and program the heating from a mobile or tablet with no monthly fees.








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