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  • Bespoke: A Rebirth For Luxury Hospitality

    From designer offerings to hand-crafted pieces, the debate around what constitutes luxury is one as old as time. Contrary to popular belief, luxury goes far beyond the tangible, it is a feeling, an experience. In the world of hospitality, the primary way to offer guests a true dose of luxury is effortlessly embodied in one word: bespoke. Bespoke is – and always will be – the highest form of luxury. Through a wealth of tailor-made solutions and carefully selected pieces, bespoke offerings cultivate a truly unique experience for hotel guests in any corner of the world.

    Hospitality has seen a welcomed evolution over the last few years with travellers now actively seeking out one-of-a-kind experiences. This has undoubtedly prompted a new level of competition within the luxury hospitality sector as hotels seek to stand head and shoulders above one another. Although critical aspects such as personalisation and customer service will forever remain as the beating heart of hospitality, the key to going that step further and opening up a new world of wonder for guests lies in the details.

    The concept of bespoke is very much naturally embedded into the hearts of minds of every creative visionary, from designers to architects. Embracing this process and using the overall vision as the paintbrush to guide decisions is paramount. Where specific colours evoke certain moods, particular textures will inspire certain feelings.

    Aesthetics play a powerful role in bringing the feel of a room or space together. It’s often those easily-overlooked aspects that are the difference in whether or not a hotel successfully delivers on the targeted feeling. The most frequent areas that are excluded from consideration include the likes of power strips, sockets and charging ports. Surprisingly, despite being frequently overlooked, these power sources are the one aspect of any room hotels can guarantee guests will without a doubt see at one point or another during their stay when they recharge their devices.

    The opportunities to upgrade these universal touchpoints are endless. Not only can a room be totally transformed from a range of trims and finishes but it can also become a part of the artwork itself with the right combination. Ranges are completely customisable, whether that means seamlessly blurring power sources into the wallpaper for an uninterrupted flow or a staple finish in one of many trips such as antique mahogany, silky satin, bold brass and crisp chrome to elevate the room to a new level. This extends to rapid charging technology too.

    Gone are the days when clunky plugs and clumsy products are enough to suffice. Now, in a world that is heavily dependent on technology, slick and efficient products are the only way forward. With a variety of abstract and avant-garde charging solutions there is no reason why these necessities shouldn’t be a part of the wow-factor a space offers. Not only does it catapult a room to a different calibre, but it also engulfs a guest in the sense of exclusivity and individuality that is critical to luxury hospitality.

    Whilst there may be universal agreement as to the value of bespoke integrations, there is certainly the question of who to trust with them. After all, with so much benefit to be found in aesthetics, it’s vital all implementations are headed by people who know how to bring that precious vision to life. Ne2oc has over 20 years of experience in bringing bespoke dreams to life with a real-world understanding of what it means to cultivate the guest experience. Our clients range from country to continent, so we recognise the importance of embracing the distinctiveness of every individual project.

    Our experience extends far beyond the number of years we have behind us. Perhaps most importantly, we understand the vitality of limitless creativity in converting a space into a haven for lovers of the luxury experience both new and old. It is an essential part of the process that carves the path to ambient perfection. In other words, you paint the picture and we’ll bring it to life.  

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