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    Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in your home. The bedroom is a place of relaxation and retreat from our busy living spaces and working lives, where we sleep, read and prepare ourselves for the day.

    Getting the right balance of relaxation and function in a bedroom can be difficult. The space needs to be relaxing and follow a cohesive design whilst ensuring you have enough space to store clothes, shoes, laundry, jewellery and other essential items.

    When thinking about organising a bedroom or dressing space a wardrobe is an essential item for consideration. How will the design of this essential storage piece work with your interior design? How can you organise the wardrobe internals to provide adequate storage for your personal items? How will this storage facility work with the rest of your bedroom environment?

    There are many choices available to you when designing your bedroom or dressing space. The right wardrobe for an interior scheme will depend on space available, storage required, and the design of the interior space.

    Walk in wardrobes are ideal for larger bedrooms and for those who may have a lot of clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories.  Whether this walk in wardrobe is a separate room, or simply a hidden corner in a larger open plan bedroom, it can be designed bespoke to ensure that it fits in with your lifestyle and design preferences seamlessly.

    Every single walk in wardrobe is made bespoke so you can enjoy your very own unique space. They can be customised with shelves, rails, drawers, pull out trouser rails and tie racks to ensure that your possessions are stored away neatly. It is also possible to have open units fitted into your wall, this allows you to have clothing on display and show off impressive items if this is what you would prefer.

    Open shelving within the wardrobe design is suitable if this ‘display’ of items is wanted. Designer or vintage clothing or a collection of shoes or handbags can be expertly displayed on open shelves of behind decorative glass doors for protection. These beautifully designed walk in wardrobes are the ultimate luxury for anyone with a passion for fashion.

    Sophisticated lighting effects and bespoke features can be incorporated into the wardrobe design to add to the aesthetics and function of this essential storage facility. The ultimate luxury storage of a walk in wardrobe can truly transform a daily dressing experience.

    A 3D design service will enable you to see how your bespoke wardrobe design will fit in with the rest of your interior space and enable you to visualise the walk in wardrobe before it is manufactured. This allows more creativity with your design, making sure that all of the necessities are included.

    For further details about bespoke wardrobe designs, and designing a bespoke walk in wardrobe, visit the IQ Furniture website www.iqfurniture.co.uk or alternatively call us on 01494 772 880 for further discussion with our design team.

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