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  • Acoustic finishes ideal for exposed ceilings & services

    As removing suspended tile ceilings in favour of exposed soffits and services becomes more popular, there is a need to replace the lost acoustic benefit and decorate the old concrete slab or profiled deck.  There is a well-established and proven product that does just that…

    SonaSpray is a range of four finishes from textured to flat that is available in different colours and can achieve any required acoustic performance by adjusting the spray depth.  These can be applied to any indoor space and surface including domes, profiled deck, vaults, pods etc.

    Tile ceilings can look old, dirty and sometimes start to deteriorate over time, whereas SonaSpray can be there for the life of the building.

    The Oscar Acoustics service includes free acoustic appraisals and the benefit of our 38 years of experience.  We guarantee that our products will exceed the latest Building Regulations Part E.

    Past projects include:

    Canary Wharf London – Open plan offices over 4 levels onto profile deck

    Warner Bros Film Studios & Harry Potter World – 50,000m2 onto plasterboard & profiled deck

    Essex Waste processing facility – 9,000m2 onto profile deck

    Cardiff Ice Arena – 6,200m2 to plasterboard & profiled deck

    St. Pauls Way School London – 3,000m2 onto concrete slab in classrooms & corridors

    Kelvin Hall Glasgow – 5,500m2 of vaults onto DPM fixed to concrete vaults

    Colchester Visual Arts – 3,000m2 to feature curved soffit

    Islington Council Offices & Customer Centre – 976m2 onto concrete slab

    There is a product to suit every project design and budget.  For more information, call 01474 854902 or email mail@oscar-acoustics.co.uk

    website: www.oscar-acoustics.co.uk/

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