Design with Wildlife in Mind…

Gardens are an extension of our home, and how we style our garden is becoming more important to us than ever. CJ Wildlife, Europe’s leading supplier of wildlife care products offer over 1600 products in designs to suit any garden.


Infinity Solo condensing low NOX water heater is the first Rinnai product for the UK that combines the advanced technology of wall mounted continuous flow water heaters with a stainless-steel storage cylinder in one compact footprint.

When the product was first introduced Solo was adopted as a single installation product for light commercial operations such as small hotels and schools.  However, Rinnai is now seeing greater penetration as installers are beginning to use them in multiples on larger projects – one installer has utilised three units for a major school academy installation.

It seems the market is identifying other areas for the Solo, beyond the target market of new build and refurbishment housing projects, where it is proving its worth in larger three/four-bed dwellings where one can expect to find a family bathroom, ensuite and a downstairs cloakroom/shower.

The Rinnai Solo is a versatile product – it is renewables ready so the business/building owner or householder can very easily extend the system to make fuel savings by adding solar thermal later. The 24kW-59.5kW Infinity Solo range is renewables compatible and supplied pre-fitted with a coil, meaning that the primary energy source can be renewable gains such as solar thermal, and the complementary Rinnai water heater will only apply the precise amount of gas to boost the difference in temperature.

Because the Solo cylinder is stainless steel it greatly reduces the weight compared to glass lined models, which makes transportation and installation much easier. As well as the difference in weight, the cylinders available also boast extremely low heat loss figures (as low as 1.41kW/h day), which means the customer pays less to maintain the heat within the tank and the system when fitted to a renewable heat source maximises renewable gains.

Rinnai’s new Solo range incorporates 35kW and 54kW appliances, ensuring that even sites with a smaller gas meter can utilise its advanced technologies.  The larger Infinity Solo model will also act as a high-efficiency alternative to other forms of gas fired storage appliances.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

Nomad Design

In 2015, textile enthusiast and British maker Georgina Olley founded Nomad Design, a vibrant new interior and lifestyle accessories business. The products are distinguished by their beautiful, geometric Central Asian Ikats and a collection of African Mudcloths. Nomad Design aims to channel Georgie’s enthusiasm for consciously sourced materials and demonstrate how ancient and traditional making skills can survive and thrive in a modern world. Georgie is devoted to her design-led atelier in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside where she can be found lovingly hand making each item before sending it out to bring a stylish and colourful energy to British interiors.

Ketley Brick

Designers and architects are choosing traditional clay quarry tiles and brick slips from British manufacturer Ketley Brick for flooring and cladding in trendy bars and restaurants.  These clay products give authenticity to newly designed spaces, are extremely durable, have excellent slip resistant qualities and require minimal maintenance once they are laid.  Made in much the same way and from the same clay as engineering bricks, they are frost resistant and can therefore be used both internally and externally.


When decorating our home, most of us like to match the flooring to the window coverings and dress the rooms with cushions, throws and other ornamental items. But one couple from Gloucestershire have taken it a step further by blending a rather different and unusual product into their pink-coloured living room and master bedroom.

Lawson Robb

London-based interior architecture and design studio, Lawson Robb, works for the world’s notable families on private residential commissions, for international hotels and for select development firms. The majority of their work is international with a fine collection of private projects in the UAE coming to fruition this year.


Vidaco is recognised as an ‘architect of great products’, with our Dunfermline studio recently voted the 2016 Best UK Showroom by the luxury kitchen appliance manufacturer NEFF. The Vidaco brand continues to go from strength to strength, with our passionate and creative designers consistently producing not just kitchens but truly innovative and unique interior design solutions for our discerning clients.


“Globalization of inspiration” is translating into demand for up-to-the-minute tiling styles. In the UK there is a growing trend towards outsize tiles – 800 x 800 or even 900 x 1200. Anybody visiting international tiling shows will see plenty of evidence of this trend, including porcelain slabs of 1m x 3m in size.


Do you love organic, nature-inspired interiors rooted in wood and stone, or do you prefer vibrant colours and pop motifs? Modern, streamlined surfaces or a touch of vintage aura? Are you a chic chick or an urban addict?

Breakfast Bar Stools

Doris Red Barstools

Breakfast Bar Stools supply a range of High Quality, Luxury Bar Stools that are ideal for use at a Kitchen Breakfast Bar or in commercial premises like Bars, Hair Dressers or Nail Bars.

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